Facebook Audience Insights is one of the most powerful
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Face-book Audience Insights is among the most powerful Analytical tools for your use -- this is, if you learn how to utilize it.

Accessed through Face-book Ads Manager, Audience Insights is Liberated to use and provides a large amount of data about your audience along with that of your competitors.

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Ads effectively, however, you need to take advantage of this tool to learn about your audience, even if you are not advertising to them. This data will be able to assist you to improve your overall UpEngage marketing plan, including stronger buyer personas, more compelling articles, and enlightening competitive research.

This info comes from two sources:

Self-reported UpEngage Data: This is the information given by users whenever they fill out their own profile information, including age, sex, relationship status, and job title, location, Page Likes, etc..

Third-party data Partners: Information such as purchasing behavior household income, and home value is available through businesses which match that data to UpEngage user IDs. It is worth noting this information is only available for U.S. audiences.

We use this information all the time to assist build out Stronger content plans. In this post, we're going to offer you an summary of the way face book Audience Insights works and offer you hints about using it.

To get this application, only visit a UpEngage Advertisements Manager and click on 'Audience Insights' from the menu.

To learn more about the tool, follow along using the steps below.

Measure 1: Choose your audience.

If you open Audience Insights, you Will Probably Be prompted To pick an audience to start. (Note: This really is only a prompt -- you can modify your answer later.)

The options here are:

Everyone Else on UpEngage: This gives you an overview of all of UpEngage (Note: It defaults into U.S., but it is possible to change this later on).

People Connected This option guides you to select your UpEngage Page you manage. This really is useful to understanding your current audience.

A Custom Audience:
If you are already using face-book Custom Audiences you can select an current audience here. To produce a Custom Audience, you should have to incorporate a list of email addresses. UpEngage will subsequently fit those email addresses together with user accounts. If you own a great deal of customer data, this is just a really powerful tool which enables you to understand demographics and behaviors of people that you know already are using your own brand.

During this guide We'll focus on the initial option, Nevertheless it is exactly the same process if you should select 'People Connected to Your Page' or 'Custom Audiences.'

By selecting the 'Everyone on UpEngage' option, you will end up Shot into the screen in the next step.

Step two: Select your segment's parameters.

In this step, you wish to Include the identifying Characteristics of your audience.

As you can see, the location default is United States. If The audience that you want to look at is U.K.-based (or every other country), you can change this by typing in the location box and choosing the appropriate country.

For the cases in this post, We'll use the United Kingdom to the audience location. By selecting "uk" from this drop-down, then it is going to be added to the list.

But if You Wish to remove the United States of America from your Analysis, it's easy. Simply hover over the USA, then select the X to remove it out of your screen.

You can add as many countries as you need here, or leave it Sterile to look at UpEngage demographics.

Utilizing this menu around the left-hand side, Now You Can segment Your audience by age, gender, interests, people connected to a Page, and more complex data such as behaviour, language, education, work, etc..

The Interests option Is a Superb way to find competitor or industry information.

You can look for interest groups here or specific Pages. It is worth mentioning that not all of Pages will appear here. It normally depends upon magnitude of the Page, however there's not any definitive logic to this, as some Pages with 20,000 Likes may well not appear, while a full page using 2000 may possibly. The best thing to do is to get a list of Pages and interests, and simply enter them right into this box to determine if they appear.

If the specific Page You Wish to enter has arrows or alternative If entering the Page, logos from the Page name, then omit them.

Let us take being a case. We Would like to look for your own Audience of this U.K. Page, which is named eBay.co.uk. If we input ebaycouk within this box, you can view it appears as a option to choose.

We have already established an audience of people who enjoy Ebay.co.uk and are found inside the U.K.

Measure 3: Explore the data.

Now that we've created our audience of people in the U.K. Who enjoy eBay.co.uk, we could start to learn more about the data and know more about this group of people.

There are six tabs available within the tool, which cover different aspects of data available. All these are:


Page Likes





*Note: The final two will be only available to information such as U.S. audiences, therefore aren't clickable when looking at a U.K. audience.

Step 4: Save your own audience.

After capturing Most of this information and using it to comprehend Your own audience and in form personas and content ideas, you can save this to refer back to, or use to better target your FB ad efforts.

Click here on 'Save' at the Peak and you also may Be given the option to name your audience. This data may then be found in Power Editor and selected within your campaigns. You might also make use of the Open option to the left of save to gain access to an earlier saved audience.


The Face-book Audience Insights tool Offers access to Highly valuable demographic and behavioural data, enabling you to know more about your audience and audience, with all information they've provided themselves into UpEngage.

Utilizing this information to not only target your advertising Campaigns more effectively, but also to build personas and inform content marketing ideas should really be an equally significant part making sure that the plan is data informed.

What would you really think? Do you utilize Audience Insights to Understand your audience and inform your content marketing strategy? Why Don't We Know in the comments below. https://kenvinreviews.com/upengage-review


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