What Is ClickKosh
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What's ClickKosh?

ClickKosh software Lets You Dominate in a Couple of Clicks....Discover. Engage. Gain

[+] Discovery and visual driven earnings:

Let your customers store what they see. Sell multiple objects from a single image
[+] Use anywhere:
Utilize any effort to drive traffic and sales in your blog, ecommerce website, and partner websites. Integrate with your favourite platform
[+] Mobile Friendly:
Shoppable images are laser-focused on converting mobile visitors while preserving the look and feel of this system.
[+] Easy to use:
Don't code anything, don't employ a designer. Simply point and click interface to curate compelling profitable images in under a moment. Just kick back and observe the clicks roll in

Add hotspot that suits your campaign, Edit the images with best and easiest designing tools inbuilt
[+] No Experience required:
Whether you are an experienced marketer or just starting, this untapped market is prepared for you

Content with applicable graphics get 940/0 m
Ore viewpoints and engagement than articles without
Visual Content is the most recognized form of articles online & offline
53 percent of all internet users have re-posted a photo or movie they've discovered online.
99 percent of all business owners & marketers use pictures to sell more information on line The Sun never sets on interpersonal media, people are viewing, scrolling and buying all the time. They are surrounded by articles everywhere and every marketer is targeting them You aren't the only vendor, there are plenty of sellers selling and you have to do something to stand out. Something they are not doing. So just how to get more customers in this competition?
Engage... Click... Convert Your Own site/store has a lot to do so as to capture customer's attention and as a result of that...

To be honest, your visitors have seen countless pages such as yours. They see some text and graphics... that they have to go through all of the articles and not everybody has that much time
Their subconscious already started ignoring the tradition methods of marketing.

The lack of engagement means that less people are going to understand your product or offer. That results to greater bounce speed and fewer sales
To be precise... they weren't engaged, nothing compelled them to take action.... They did not purchase anything
Fastest Selling System Ever...

Marketing Giants are already figured it out and they've been using this revolutionary visual engagement system for simple sales and prospects.
You do not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on content creation and ads. You just need to innovate and change your existing campaigns into storytelling visual method.
Visual campaigns prevents your visitors from bouncing and scrolling. Most People Are Doing It erroneous: People already know the significance of visual content. However, what are they doing wrong?
You have won half of the battle already by stopping them from scrolling. However, what's the point of this if people are not converting? They're losing a great deal of money on the table. However, the solution is simple
Hammering Right Message at the Right Time to Right People

If you traffic can take action right from the image that kept them engaged without taking any extra step.

250 percent more engagement and sales that We've seen in outside campaigns

And That's Why ClickKosh Was Born...

7 Reasons why you MUST start using hotspot images for your next campaign:

People are posting pictures online for a long time and they have curated tend to discount them.
literary and literary articles grabs the attention within 1/10th of the second which is impossible to dismiss> New Point of Sale:
Every routine Joe is using CTA buttons for blog, site or ecommerce store and for that visitor need to take an extra step.
Eliminate that extra step and start getting profits directly inside the images and you can market several campaigns from a single image concurrently => 5X more leads and sales:
It is difficult to have action on routine campaign because people have developed a resistance towards these optin box and buy buttons.
With hotspot images you could show the facts in a storytelling fashion and take an unfair advantage by getting more sales and leads

Don't lose your visitors by redirecting to other webpage. With hotspot images you can just show your offer, product details in rather interactive storytelling manner.

=> More actions from one picture:

Don't limit yourself by simply getting clickthroughs. With hotspot images you can add click to telephone, popover videos in super interactive way.
Plus you can customize your hotspot icons and boxes that fit your brand and effort => Best Design for Most Gain:
Do not pay hefty amount to your designer. Do not outsource the work to all those freelances that can cost a arm and a leg.
Best and easiest designing tools incorporated inside. So you can create best designs by yourself with no all technical hassle

=> Integrate with your favourite platform:

You can utilize these hotspot images together with your favorite platform without any difficulty
You'll be able to use these pictures into your blog, any webpage builder as well as shopify with complete command

Create An Unmatched Omnichannel Experience With ClickKosh Software:

Clickkosh are producing amazing results for beta users irrespective of your niche, market, manufacturer or company size.
Clickkosh harnesses the power of visual content and storytelling method Which Makes It impossible to ignore and skyrocket your profits nevertheless you need to utilize it... Possibilities are infinite

Showcase multiple products at once. Let your customers have a visual and more indepth perspective to store exactly what they need. And not to mention it makes cross-selling super simple for you just like amazon
=> Social Media Marketers:
Create and upload hotspot images directly inside the facebook tab is simple.
=> Website Owners:
Get over those boring call to action and promotion techniques. Prove your call to action in new and unique manner. Whether it's about lead generation or promoting your ebook or anything

Showcase the affiliate products in entirely new method and you can market multiple products at once. Inspire your customers to take action in exceptionally engaging method
=> Bloggers:
Captivate the attention of your visitors to encourage visitors to click and take action on your on the products you wish to market or banner ads, offers even lead gen pages https://kenvinreviews.com/clickkosh-review


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